Herbal Thai Massage

The traditional approach to Thai medicine suggests the mind, body and spirit are connected and interactive. To ensure harmony, herbal compresses containing traditional Thai herbs are heated and applied directly to the skin as the therapist incorporates balancing oils, acupressure and passive thai stretching techniques.

Deep Tissue Massage

Make our Spa your first stop when you arrive and we promise to leave you thoroughly energized. This deep tissue massage is specially designed for athletes, travelers and divers. It is a firm and deep massage using specific techniques to release tensions, blockages and pains, to boost circulation and the immune system so that the.

Traditional Stone Massage

Purify earth, air, fire and water unite with body balancing oils, and stress-absorbing volcanic stones provide the ultimate in healing techniques. Muscles are cleansed of stress and tension as you surrender to the grounding benefits of this relaxing stone therapy.